Shani Womack, was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. She is the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant and a Baptist preacher. Shani is a professional counselor and co-pastor of The Underground Church. She has always found joy in being in front an audience. She began performing as a professional singer, songwriter and storyteller 17 years ago. Over that time, Shani has created memorable performances that showcase her soothing voice and her energetic storytelling style, as a means to address the need for more justice, equity, inclusion and love in our world. Shani is most famous for her Anancy Stories in Jamaican dialect. Shani weaves together original music, poetry and folk songs with personal and family stories, history lessons, and Jamaican folktales to transport you to another world. It’s sure to leave you feeling Irie, which simply means Fantastic! She is available for performances virtually and in-person throughout the year. To learn more or for booking, visit

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