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We, the members of the Detroit Association of Black Storytellers, Inc., being desirous of working together for the purposes of preserving, perpetuating, and passing on the folklore, legends, myths, fables, lore, and mores of Africans and their descendants and ancestors; promoting a sense of pride in African Americans; transmitting a knowledge of African history and culture throughout the African Diaspora, do establish this constitution.

  • President Jatu Gray

    Mama Jatu Ayi is a griot, a storyteller who weaves stories together like an Arachnoid spins a web.Stories from African and African American history, slavery.

  • Shani Womack

    She began performing as a professional singer, songwriter and storyteller 17 years ago. Over that time, Shani has created memorable performances that showcase her soothing voice and her energetic storytelling style, as a means to address the need for more justice, equity,


    A Detroit native has been featured at Reading and Rhythm on the Riverfront – 2019 & 2020sponsored by the Detroit Library, GM, and The Riverfront Conservancy.


    I am storyteller who loves to tell personal story (family words of wisdom as well as personal stories), rich stories and fables from the world of African American and African Folktales as well as stories from the world of the Martial Arts.

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